Key People

Dame Mary Archer – Chancellor

The Chancellor is the ceremonial head of the university.  At the University of Buckingham, 幸运快三彩票站很幸运,有许多杰出的大法官在公共舞台上代表幸运快三彩票站,提供宝贵的指导和建议.

Dame Mary started her career as a physical chemist and taught chemistry at both Oxford and Cambridge Universities, where her research interests centred on sustainable energy production and solar energy conversion. She has written and contributed to various volumes of work concerning solar energy. 她是能源快三彩票站所的伙伴,并于2002年获得该快三彩票站所的梅尔切特奖章,2007年获得爱尔兰化学快三彩票站所的伊娃·菲尔宾奖.

Chair of Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust for ten years from 2002 to 2012, Dame Mary was appointed Dame Commander of the British Empire (DBE) for her services to the National Health Service. 从2005年到2008年,她领导了一项由nhs资助的创举,为患有前列腺疾病的患者创建患者决策辅助设备, and later she introduced an information and advice service for bladder cancer patients in Addenbrooke’s Hospital, and across the Anglia Cancer Network. 2013年至2017年,她是剑桥大学健康伙伴的创始人董事,并担任帝国理工学院健康伙伴外部咨询委员会主席. She currently chairs the Centre for Personalised Medicine at Oxford.

Dame Mary is a very distinguished Chair of the Science Museum Group and its allied museums. As well as being a Companion of the Energy Institute, she is the Patron of the National Energy Foundation and President of the UK Solar Energy Society. 她也是燃料公司的荣誉Liveryman和Salters公司的荣誉成员,她拥有伦敦帝国理工学院、赫特福德郡大学和布拉德福德大学的荣誉DSc学位.

James Tooley - Vice-Chancellor appointed at the University of Buckingham

Professor James Tooley – Vice-Chancellor

James Tooley, PhD, was appointed Vice-Chancellor at the University of Buckingham on 1st October 2020, where he is also Professor of Educational Entrepreneurship and Policy. For two decades he was professor of education policy at Newcastle University. During those two decades, he also took five years’ unpaid leave, to enable him to foster entrepreneurial projects in education in the developing world, tied to his research. He was previously an academic at the Universities of Oxford and Manchester.

James’ ground-breaking research on low-cost private education has won numerous awards; including gold prize in the first International Finance Corporation/Financial Times Private Sector Development Competition, a Templeton Prize for Free Market Solutions to Poverty, and the National Free Enterprise Award from the Institute of Economic Affairs, London. His book based on this research, The Beautiful Tree: A personal journey into how the world’s poorest are educating themselves”, (Penguin), was a best-seller in India and won the Sir Antony Fisher Memorial Prize. Other of his books include Education, War and Peace and Liberty to Learn.

James has co-founded chains of low-cost schools in Ghana (Omega Schools), India (Cadmus Education), Honduras (Cadmus Academies) and, most recently, in England (Independent Grammar Schools). He is also involved with large associations of low-cost private schools, 包括作为强大教育发展协会的赞助人(尼日利亚)和国家独立学校联盟的首席导师(印度).

James’ work has featured in documentaries on American PBS television and the BBC. He has been described in the pages of Philanthropy 《幸运快三彩票站》杂志将其称为“21世纪的夺宝奇兵”,前往“地球上最偏远的地区,快三彩票站许多人认为神秘而私密的东西。, parent-funded schools serving the Third World poor.”

The Executive Group

The University Executive Group was established in January 2021. Led by the Vice-Chancellor, it’s the senior advisory body of the University, with corporate responsibility for managing the business of the institution. The UoB Executive meets every week to discuss strategy, policy, and resourcing matters.


Christopher Payne – Registrar & Director of Professional Services

Christopher Payne has more than ten years’ senior and mid-senior management experience in a variety of HEPs, 在此期间,他对英国联合王国的国家政策发展及其在白金汉郡的特殊应用有了深入的了解. An active member of the AUA, with significant senior contacts across the sector, Chris目前是该大学的AHUA和ARC代表,并通过他活跃的推特账号@chrispayneHE定期与行业评论员进行辩论. As a University administrator, 克里斯的哲学是,学术治理和管理最好由人来领导,由过程来引导,而不是相反, a culture that is best fostered by means of an engagement and outcomes-driven, rather than rules-driven, approach. 克里斯目前正在攻读高等教育博士学位,重点快三彩票站监管框架对高校自主权的影响.


Dr Jane Tapsell

Dr Jane Tapsell – Pro Vice-Chancellor, Academic and Student Experience

Before taking on the role of Pro Vice-Chancellor Academic and Student Experience. Jane was Dean of Business for nine years. She led the faculty team that developed and implemented the venture creation programme, BSc in Business Enterprise and lectured in the areas of organisational behaviour and business psychology. Prior to joining Buckingham, Jane worked as a business psychology consultant and managed projects in selection, assessment, management development and team working for both public and private sector organisations. Jane’s doctoral thesis was in the area of the organisational change to team working.


Debarpita Bardhan-CorreiaDr Deba Bardhan-Correia, Dean of the Faculty of Business, Humanities and Social Science

Prior to becoming Dean, Deba was Deputy Dean and Academic Director in the school overseeing all the academic provision and student experience. Deba’s keen interest lies in enhancing the teaching and learning experience for students at all levels.

Born in Kolkatta, India, Deba completed her undergraduate degree in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Following her degree, Deba worked in Sales and Marketing for The Oberoi Group, an international luxury hotel chain.

After being awarded the Commonwealth Scholarship in 2000, 2000年,她以优异的成绩在快三彩票站(University of Buckingham)完成了服务管理硕士学位. 德巴随后成为该大学的一名助理快三彩票站员,在那里她从事了有关高等教育背景下学生经历的课题快三彩票站. 德巴于2002年10月加入商学院,担任全职讲师,此后在商学院的本科生和快三彩票站生水平上讲授几个商业相关模块. 德巴的专业领域是服务管理和跨文化管理,她也指导硕士和博士论文. During her time in Buckingham, Deba has held significant roles in programme and curriculum management at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Deba’s research interests lie in the area of people and performance in a service setting. Her doctoral research titled, “快三彩票站前线员工对人事管理实践的认知与他们的亲社会服务行为之间的关系”,探讨管理实践如何影响前线员工在公司背景下的工作.


Professor Joanne Harris – Dean of Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Jo graduated from Charing Cross and Westminster Medical School and has worked in both hospital practice and primary care. She held a partnership in general practice and now works clinically as a sessional GP.

Jo很早就对医学教育产生了兴趣,并在国内和新加坡培训医学本科生长达20年.  在2019年9月被任命为快三彩票站医学院院长之前,Jo曾担任伦敦帝国理工学院医学院副院长五年.

她对医疗专业精神特别感兴趣,因为它与健身练习有关,并且是英国专业精神教师委员会的创始成员.  She is a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Educators, 高等教育学院的首席快三彩票站员,并在2016年被授予帝国理工学院校长卓越教学奖. Jo sits on the Medical Schools Council Assessment Alliance reference panel, standard-setting examination questions for the forthcoming national Medical Licensing Assessment.

In 2013, Jo完成了医学教育硕士学位,在那里她的论文探讨了对最后一年的医学院学生的交流技能的近同龄人教学. She is currently following a professional Doctorate in Education (EdD) at the Institute of Education, UCL where her thesis centres on how cultural factors affect the professional identity formation of medical students. 她在医学教育领域发表了一系列论文,并定期参加国内和国际医学教育会议,介绍她的快三彩票站.

Now Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Jo期待着加强医学院的产出,并开发创新的联合健康课程,以探索跨专业学习的机会.


Dr Barnaby Lenon, Dean of Education

Barnaby Lenon, Dean of EducationBarnaby Lenon taught at Eton for 12 years, was the deputy head of Highgate School, head of Trinity School Croydon and head of Harrow for 12 years. He then helped establish the London Academy of Excellence in East London, one of the most successful state sixth form Academies, where he is chairman of governors. He is also chairman of the Independent Schools Council and has been a governor of 16 state and independent schools. 他是新学校网络的董事,该网络帮助希望在政府的免费学校政策下建立新学校的团体. 在戈夫对gcse和a -level课程实施改革期间,他曾是英国资格考试办公室(Ofqual)的董事会成员,现在是该机构标准咨询委员会的成员.

He has written six books including, recently, Much Promise about high-achieving state schools and Other People’s Children about the least academic 50% in England. He researches the characteristics of effective teachers in the UK and USA.


Professor Harin Sellahewa, Dean of the Faculty of Computing, Law and Psychology

Professor Harin Sellahewa holds a BSc in Information Systems and a DPhil in Computing, both from the University of Buckingham. During the latter stages of his DPhil, he worked as a Research Associate on the EU-funded FP6 project, SecurePhone, led by Professor Sabah Jassim. He then joined the Gray Cancer Institute (now the Gray Institute for Radiation Oncology & Biology, University of Oxford), as a post-doctoral scientist to work with Professor Boris Vojnovic on the award winning CyMap project. Harin’s role was to develop algorithms to automatically detect, count and track cells.

He rejoined Buckingham in 2008 as a researcher, became a Senior Lecturer in July 2012 and a Reader in January 2018. He was appointed Head of Applied Computing Department (in School of Science) in November 2014, Interim Dean of School of Computing from 1st September 2018, and Dean of Computing from 1st September 2019. Since joining Buckingham, Harin has held the roles of Programme Director, Admissions Tutor, Research Officer and Link Tutor.

Harin’s research interests are in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning. He has co-authored over 50 peer-reviewed journal/conference papers and a book chapter. 他成功地指导/合作指导了十多个博士项目,并继续指导多个人工智能博士项目, Biometrics, Digital Health, and Cyber Security. He is the module lead for Image Processing, Software Project Management, and Software Engineering.

Harin was the Lead Academic of a successfully completed two-year Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project, jointly funded by Innovate UK and Deepnet Security Limited. He is the Lead Academic of the recently awarded KTP project, jointly funded by Innovate UK and Russell IPM. More recently, 他已经将他的工作扩展到增强现实(AR)和虚拟现实(VR),并对它们在教育中的应用特别感兴趣. He is leading the Education 4.0 project in partnership with JISC, and spearheaded by Sir Anthony Seldon.

Harin is a passionate promotor of STEM; he has spoken at schools, science forums and public engagement events; organised and participated in several STEM activities (coding tasters, AR and VR experiences); and launched a campaign to increase diversity in Computing.