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Equine 法律 and Policy 快三彩票站 Centre falls under the 法学院’s umbrella. 它还举办 丹宁法律期刊, the only journal named after one of the most famous 法律 Lords of the 20th 世纪.

This environment has encouraged growth in research and has offered support for members of academic staff and a growing body of postgraduate research students. We currently supervise a wide range of research projects (LLM by 快三彩票站/MA/PhD). Current areas of research projects include 国际公法, International Human Rights laws, 治理, 洗钱, 知识产权,  金融服务 & 监管, 家庭法, Comparative Constitutional 法律, Judicial Studies; and Jurisprudence; and Corporate 法律.  If you are interested in any of these subjects, please contact the following staff:

  • 阿道夫•保利的
    Financial 监管 and Services; Insurance; Corporate 法律
  • 弗朗西斯Grimal
    国际公法 (use of force)
  • 帕特丽夏Covarrubia
  • 詹姆斯·斯莱特
    Jurisprudence; Criminal law
  • 雀鳝Yein Ng
    Comparative Constitutional law; Judicial Studies
  • 莎拉·萨金特
    International Human Rights 法律; Equine 法律
  • 乔斯林Scutt
    家庭法; Women’s Rights
  • 弗朗西丝·伯顿
    Land 法律; 家庭法
  • 萨阿德镍铬铁耐热合金 (supervise at LLM level only)
    Fintech; Regtech; Cryptocurrencies; 法律 and Innovations; Venture Capital and Equity Crowdfunding; Artificial Intelligence and Ethics; Cybersecurity; E-commerce (market and legal design); Big Data; Digital Finance; ICOs; Smart 监管; Smart Contract; Stock Market and Securities 法律; Corporate 治理; Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises 法律 (SMEs); Entrepreneurs and Startups 监管s; Sharing Economy; Islamic Finance; Islamic Banking 法律; Foreign Investment Policies and Regulatory Compliance; Corporate law; and Financial regulation.
  • 杰西卡·沃尔什 (supervise at LLM level only)
    Human Rights, Rule of 法律 and Corruption, Dispute Resolution & 美国存托凭证.  


访问幸运快三彩票站的 如何申请网页 to find out everything you need to know about the application process.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us on law-admissions@bnbcycle.com or call us on +44 (0)1280 828205.


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